Confederates from Iowa:

Not to Defend, but to Understand

Happy 4th of July

During the Civil War, both sides looked to our Patriot Forefathers — their sacrifice and devotion — for inspiration.  Happy 4th of July.


It’s nice to know where you came from: A review of A History of Iowa


Trained for war, but pursuing peace: Charles Mason, Jurist


  1. If ever in our history there was a time we needed to learn from the past, this would be it.

    • David Connon

      Hi, Dick. You reminded me of a quote by one of my favorite authors, Marilynne Robinson. In her essay “McGuffey and the Abolitionists” (in her book The Death of Adam: Essays on Modern Thought, Picador, New York, 1998), she writes: “History is a little forgiving. We need only be ready to put aside what we think we know, and it will start to speak to us again.” Happy Independence Day.

  2. O. J. Fargo

    I was reworking my Iowa soldiers database and I thought of you. You may already know of them but I found two soldiers who had Confederate connections.
    George Tucker Company G 19th inf – took oath and defected to Rebs on 6/25/1864

    Joseph Bishop Company H 18th inf – captured at Poison Spring Ar 4/18/1864 and executed by Rebs as deserter 5/6/1864 Camden Ar. I don’t know where he deserted from

    There is also an Aulden Baker Company M 9th Cavalry – deserter from 8th Mo. cavalry. However, I think it is probable that it was the Union 8th Mo.

    I have more background on the above individuals – residence, age etc if you are interested.

    • David Connon

      Hi, O.J. Thank you for thinking of me — and kindly offering to share your information on the soldiers! Yes, I would like to receive any information you might have on Mr. Tucker and Mr. Bishop. Would you please e-mail the information to ? Or if you can’t e-mail it, I will send you my home address.

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